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Enhancements and Additions for your Own Requirements


The basic business website that we build for you will provide, in itself, a robust and comprehensive online presence for your business or activity. It includes full content written on the home page (the index page) to engage the web visitor, and also includes all of all the mandatory and recommended pages.

However, there are many enhancements which are available which may be suitable for certain businesses that would benefit from them. By considering these as only options at the design stage, the average business would not be paying for such enhancements that they would never use nor want. To some specialist businesses, however, certain additions to the basic website could be seen as necessities (for design companies, those with a large portfolio or catalogue of products or services, for example).

It also depends at what stage you are in the decision-making process. Do you already have your domain name registered, or have you not considered this yet? Would you want our help in finding the best domain name for your business, based on your activity and the availability of domain names which were suitable, and based also on the competition from similar businesses in your sector? Would your domain name be related to your geographical location or town? Should it be .com, net, org or your own top level domain? We can help with that.

Do you already have hosting for your website? Does your existing host offer free SSL (a must-have these days)? Does your host offer a free domain with your hosting account? Even if you already have your own host, perhaps you'd like us to look into providing you with one which better met your needs, or which was able to provide a more appropriate package for when you expanded at some point in the future.

Did you want an email facility so that you could connect with your customers better or provide a regular email newsletter? Did you want a blog so that you could send out monthly or weekly - or more frequent - content to the world so that you could target more customers or clients to join your database and grow your business? Or perhaps yours is the kind of business that would flourish with social media, and you wanted to be able to interact readily with your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Pinterest accounts? All these options are available for you to use as and when you need them.

Would you like a facility so that people could buy goods or services directly from your site? This could be a simple 'Buy Now' button on a web page, or it could be scaled up to include a shopping cart, merchant account, payment processor integration and sophisticated ecommerce support. The chances are that you will not need these upper end facilities, but they are always available should you need them in future. And a 'Buy Now' button is always handy to have!

SEO is something that you probably won't need beyond the basic local SEO provisions. Most businesses are local in that they serve a local area. Only when your business catchment area extends to national boundaries should you consider the larger SEO campaigns, so for most businesses here these will not be relevant. But again, it's all there if and when you need it.

Now we come to the schedule of costs. The basic website, as you can see below, will cost just £497. We have reduced it from the normal (but still massively underpriced!) £625 for the time being. The other optional extras are as follows:


Schedule of Costs: Description


Basic Website: SEO embedded, 8 pages, mobile-responsive, etc. as described


Arrange Hosting (with free domain registration if domain not yet bought) *


Register domain name for free if no hosting has yet been arranged

Research best domain name for website, taking into account search volumes, competition, etc.


Optional Extras:

Extra pages of main content (per page): you must supply keyword phrase for naming of each page


Writing Content of main content pages (per page) if this content is not supplied, inc. images

Business Logo Design (if necessary)
Additional graphic design (if necessary or requested)
according to request

Set up Wordpress blog on site (with links from all pages) and SEO optimise this

Integration with Joomla Catalogue/Portfolio on site (with links from all pages) and SEO optimise pages
Insertion and integration of web form for email lead capture with 3rd party provider **
Integration of Paypal (or equivalent) 'Buy Now' button on client Paypal account
Integration of basic payment processor
Integration of various levels of e-commerce up to complete store, shopping cart and secure payment facility
according to request
Local SEO Campaign (Google Local Box Listing) - if requested and appropriate
according to request
Creation of Android App from Website
Local SEO Citation Audit
Local SEO Citation Packages
from £149

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Campaign (maintenance level may be necessary only, depending on competition)

according to request

* Business hosting charges with a trusted third party hosting company will be extra, but normally less than 4 per month, and includes free .com domain name registration.

** The trusted email marketing and management service Aweber allows you to build your email list, schedule mailouts, autoresponders, ad-hoc broadcasts, etc. , for about £14 per month.

Clients may ask us for items not listed above, and these shall be supplied at appropriate rates. Third party products and their prices may change over time and, of course, we have no control over this.



You may want additional enhancements to your website. Be assured that whatever you want we will be able to advise, and supply where appropriate. Just ask us.



Your Ablesites Business Website Comes as a Complete Package


When we design and build a website for you, it isn't just a website that you get.

We provide you with a whole package of tools and resources to enable you to progress as swiftly and as efficiently as possible.

Firstly, we provide you with a free HTML editor so that you can add and edit content to your website as you please. It isn't difficult; there is no coding or programming involved. If you can use a word processor then you can use this editor to make changes to your website.

We also provide you with the means of uploading your edited files to your server on the Internet. It sounds a bit technical now, but if you can click a mouse you'll be uploading files to your site in no time at all. It'll be second nature.

We also provide you with a number of highly useful tools and utilities which will help you in the day-to-day running of your website and its maintenance. All of these are free.

This, then, is an overview of what your own website could give you. We call our sites Ablesites because they enable you, the business owner, to be in charge of your site, rather than the other way round. Your Ablesite website also enables you to extend the reach of your business in all sorts of ways that your existing site (if you have one already) cannot, or if you wanted much more than just a listing in the local or Tripadvisor, and all the dangers and limitations that reliance on such a listing can bring with it.

If you would like us to design and build the site you've always wanted, and with the features and benefits stated here, let us know by email.

the next stage is to progress to researching the best domain name for your new website, which we will do for free.



What Your Website Could Be Like


We've put together an example website so that you can see what your site might look like. Have a look at it here.



What We Need to Get Started on Your Website


We will need some basic information from you before we start. Please let us know if you already have a domain name or if you want us to research for you to find the best domain name for your website.

Please let us know if you have already arranged hosting for your site with a professional hosting company. Ideally, you should not have hosting already, as this leaves plenty of scope for free domain registration and other enhancements that are not usually available to people who are not industry insiders.

Let us know the main keyword phrase for your site. This is the main keyword phrase that your website will be optimized for and built around; it is the phrase that people searching for what you provide will type into a search engine's search box. What is your website about? What is the nature of your business? Should the main keyword phrase involve the location as well as the activity of the business? This is the most important consideration to be made at the start and cannot be changed later on. This keyword phrase is to be hard-wired throughout your website so it needs quite a bit of thought at the outset.

If you want additional content pages then please let us know the keyword phrase for each of these pages. What are these pages about? Again, this is important as the pages will be named based on these keyword phrases and they will be hard-coded throughout for SEO purposes.

Can you also please supply the content of the home page and the content for any additional content pages that you have specified. This includes photos and any pictures (which are very important to how a site looks and which, of course, tell a thousand words). We will proof-read this and SEO optimise it free of charge. Alternatively, if you would like us to write the content for the home page (and other pages) we will happily do this for you. In this case can you let us have a detailed idea of what the content should be about, in as much detail as you can. What your business is, what it offers, how it is better than the competition, etc., will all be useful. Please provide pictures and/or photos if you can, as they make a huge difference. We will write the content of the home page as part of the cost of the entire package. But please note that we will have to charge for writing the content for additional main pages in your site, as stated in the above schedule.

If you are unable to supply images, as stated, don't worry; just let us know what kind of images you would want to see on your site, and we will attempt to secure the right kind of imagery from the considerable royalty-free resources available.

In the first instance, enter your name and best email address below and we'll send you a welcome email. Then just reply to that email with all the details needed as stated above, and you'll be on your way to having your own full-bodied responsive website to showcase your business to the world!

But hurry - before we revert back to our normal price of 625!





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