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Overview of Product

This is a high-quality website which is affordable to all businesses and offers real online presence which will enable even one-person operations to compete in the marketplace. An optional upgrade has a lead-gathering function. This is a low-cost high-quality solution to anyone who provides a service and who is serious about making their business successful.

The basic website costs £297 + VAT. There are several optional extras the customer may choose to have if needed.

The terms ‘website’ and ‘site’ are interchangeable and mean the same thing.

The website is responsive to all Internet-enabled devices (looks great whether in mobile phone, laptop, desktop, tablet or any other device, size or format). The site offers the latest in website style and usability, and will be instantly attractive to business owners and managers. It is totally cross-browser compatible.

Business owners will be most interested in the bottom line for their business, and the return-on-investment (ROI). Ask the prospect: how much is a new customer worth over the lifetime of the business relationship? (The £297 price tag will be a drop in the ocean for most businesses by comparison.)


Unique Selling Points


Special Pricing & Affordability

1. Its cost has been reduced from £825 to £297 as a special promotion to increase our customer base; this may go up in cost again at any time. Buyers of the website will only pay for what they want. Fancy extras are not bundled in for businesses who don't need them or want them.


Free Domain Name

2. You also get a FREE domain name if you register a .com domain with our recommended hosting service. (You can also register a domain for £0.99). We can do keyword research for you to determine the best domain name for your website. The domain name is usually based on the nature of the business and the location (see separate sheet on domain names).


Latest Design: Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

3. The website is at the cutting edge of design, written in the latest HTML5 and CSS3. It is responsive on all Internet-enabled devices and looks great in mobile and laptop, desktop and tablet. No matter what type of device your website is being seen on, it looks brilliant and sharp, and has been tested for its attractiveness to customers. It looks appealing, and also businesslike & functional.


Built-In SEO

4. The website includes search engine optimisation (SEO) which is hard-coded into the structure of the website. This is the part of a website that people usually pay thousands for; but in this case it is coded into the website as an important integral part of the site according to the keyword search term that the business wants to be found for.


Built-In Networking

5. The site includes customised access to social networking and business networking accounts associated with the customer's business. These include Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Additional connectivity may be added to whatever networking accounts the customer wishes. Access to each of these accounts is by prominent buttons in the footer of each page of the site.


Make Edits at Any Time

6. The website comes with a free HTML editor for the customer's own use, which means the customer can change the wording and other details on the site whenever necessary and without special knowledge. The editor is super-easy: if you can use a word processor then you can edit your website. This is in complete contrast to most websites, where the coding is so esoteric that the site owner has to pay the web developer money every time they need to make a small change to the wording, etc. So this is a huge advantage over other website design services.


Professional Business Logo for Only £20

A good selling point is that we can offer customers a professional logo for a maximum outlay of only £20. This is because we have access to an international database of professional graphic designers who specialise in business logos. We can offer customers a choice of logos within our own source of supply (but not outside this source of supply). Of course, the customer may already have a logo or may not want one, for whatever reason.


Email-Gathering Facility (Optional Extra)

7. Your website will have a lead-gathering function as an optional extra (the basic version has the customer’s phone number only). In return for their name and email address, the prospect’s customer gets a free report about the benefits of using this service as opposed to others in the area, and also any special offers going. This is a leads magnet! It is much harder to get new clients/customers than to retain existing ones. This lead-gathering function pays for itself very quickly. Ask the customer how much his client/customer is worth over the lifetime of the business relationship. That is the value per customer, which will likely be more than the cost of the site!


Free Secure Website Certificate (SSL)

8. a secure website certificate: this means that the whole website is of a high standard of security. It should also be noted that SSL sites will enjoy a higher place in the search result listings.


Google Maps Service (Optional Extra)

9. Optional Google Local Maps SEO is available to increase the potency of the leads-gathering function and to attract even more customer/clients in the local area where the business operates (if it is a local-based business, which it usually will be).



Optional Extras

Optional extras are always available for the website if wanted and if they enhance the reach of the business. These include:

  • Third party email marketing systems and autoresponders (Aweber).
  • A blog for better communication and regular content updates (Wordpress).
  • Content Management System if needed.
  • Forum if needed (can be useful for customer user groups and gathering feedback).
  • A catalogue or portfolio section, to show off the range of products the business has, if it sells different products (Joomla or similar).
  • Photo slideshows, galleries and multimedia (for the creative industries).
  • E-commerce capabilities, with an online shopping facility, shopping cart and secure payment processing.

The website has something for all types of business and is infinitely upgradeable. You can start with the basic website and then add the extras as and when you need them. The website can expand as your business expands, and the same is true of the hosting which comes with it.



Website Hosting

Every website needs to be hosted. It is the hosting service which enables the pages of the website to be uploaded to the Internet and it is the hosting company’s server which contains the website. Ideally your business should have hosting which is flexible and which can also grow as the business grows, starting at about £4.50 a month for the InMotion Business Pro package. Hosting comes with cPanel, which is the web industry Gold Standard in flexibility and ease of use.

Hosting is an extremely important aspect of having an online business; it is the backbone of any online business. Website owners want to be able to do things quickly and at all hours of the day, 24/7 and 365 days of the year. They want to be able to talk to a technical support expert who speaks English as their native language and who is properly qualified, and available when they need to speak to them 24/7 and 365. Customers certainly do not want an overseas call centre staffed by poorly trained part-timers who do not know what they're talking about and who may give advice which turns out to be disastrous. Unfortunately that’s what most hosts provide; but not the ones we recommend!

New customers will not have to learn by the mistakes that 95% of other online businesses make, because they won't need to. The path we lay out before is free from the pitfalls that other businesses succumb to because they're being advised by people with only one or two years' experience, if that.

We can provide for customers many things that only industry 'insiders' can get; we can also source wholesale industry rates while other people are paying high street prices. With 20 years in the web design, SEO and hosting industry we give customers the benefit of our knowledge so they can be sure you're getting the best deal for the lowest possible outlay, yet with quality which is never compromised.

At present we recommend two hosting services: Bluehost and InMotion. Bluehost is the cheaper of the two but InMotion offers more facilities and provides much better technical support. Of course, customers don't need to follow our recommendations; they can choose their own host, and some may already have a hosting account which has provision for several websites within one account, in which case it would be perfectly reasonable for them to remain as they are. But if customers do choose alternative hosting we would not be able to vouch for their standards of service (especially if their host did not offer cPanel as standard). We would not be expected to provide any technical support for hosting, in any event, as the hosting company would be responsible for this. (Paying slightly more for much better tech support with InMotion would be better for customer peace of mind.)



Sales Agent Qualifications

We are looking for:

  • Energetic, enthusiastic self-starters.
  • Some telesales experience is highly advantageous.
  • At least one year's telesales experience would be highly advantageous, though not essential.
  • A very basic knowledge of websites and hosting helps but is not essential.
  • Sales agents must be literate and numerate to a reasonably high extent.
  • A degree is by no means essential, but always helps as an indicator of ability, although sales ability counts for far more.
  • Must be a good communicator and be able to handle customer queries and objections.
  • Should own a home computer with fast Internet connection, with headset and microphone.

Agents will be self-employed and work can be done from home or from a suitable place. This will suit many people who have home or family commitments. A Voip-enabled virtual phone handset will be supplied, which takes the effort out of dialing numbers. All telecoms costs will be paid for by Voip accounts tend to have very low tariffs; alternatively, a Virgin Media (or similar) account with a no-cost daytime calls tariff would be even better, as costs would be zero.

All sales agents are deemed to be self-employed and will look after their own tax, VAT (where applicable) and expenses, etc. Any costs or overheads incurred for items such as advertising or publicity will be paid for by the sales agent, though paid advertising is not recommended as it should not be needed. All such expenses and overheads will be tax-deductible in any event.


Sales Media

Although this is mainly a telesales role, there is nothing to stop sales agents gaining customers by means other than the phone. Social media would also be a good source of leads. There are many USPs about this website product (see above) and sales agents will find that different USPs will work best in different media and contexts.

Paid advertising and publicity is not recommended. If the sales agent chooses to pay for advertising or publicity then this will be paid for by the agent. The product is very attractive and should not need paid advertising: it has unique selling points and it has a much-reduced price.


Methods for Generating and Qualifying Leads

Potential customers will not have websites yet, or they will have a listing on (possibly with a Yell website). These small businesses are very easy to target because Yell offers such a poor website "design service" which they say costs about £500, but will usually cost up to £4,000 because of their aggressive sales tactics. Yell customers pay a lot of money for hosting with Yell; much more than they would pay for good quality hosting of a legitimate site. So sales leads fromm Yell are easy to come by: just go to Yell, enter a business type, enter any town or city, and go through the listings. Some listings will not have a website at all. Others will have expensive and poor quality Yell websites. In both cases it will be easy to show that Ablesites offers a far better solution at a far cheaper cost.

Another way to identify Yell websites is to do a Google search for "web design by Yell" followed by an occupational word like 'accountant' or 'baker'. Have a look at any of the websites that come up in the listings. If you were that business, would you be happy with that website as your corporate image? Would you be happy paying £96 for hosting it?

Phone them and ask them if they'd like a website of their own which generates new business for them, for less than £300. The chances are that they have never heard of such a thing before.


Commission for Sales Agents

Earnings for sales agents will be solely commission based. Agents will enjoy 25% of all sales. This will be payable upon the customer's payment for the design and building of their site, which will be £297 plus whatever extras the customer has chosen. This will be paid to the agent on the last day of the month immediately following the month in which the sale was made, the customer’s payment being valid. This delay is in case of clawbacks and refunds due to the customer deciding to pull out of the sale and claiming statutory consumer rights (which, of course, need to be adhered to and over which we have no control).

(Note: The 25% commission rate is not set in stone. For sales agents with a particularly suitable track record or ability to sell websites the commission rate could increase. The sales campaign for this product will begin week commencing 10 December 2018.)

The customer may well opt for certain extras on top of the basic site design. For example, if the customer decides on the basic website plus an extra main content page (£10) and if they want the content to be written for both main content pages (2 x £25) then that comes to £357. The customer will pay this before the website design is started. The sales agent will get 25% of this which is £89.25.

Part of the sales task is to persuade the customer to purchase the better of the hosting options available, if possible. The more expensive option does provide the better service, especially with the quality of the technical support staff who are on call 24/7. The better hosting service pays on a sliding scale based on the number of sales in the month, while the other hosting service pays a flat rate of $60 per sale. So revenue will depend on both the hosting company used and the number of sales per month. The hosting company will typically pay either 30 or 60 days after the end of the month in which sales are made. The hosting services recommended are based in the United States and pay affiliate commission in US dollars. So the sales agent will be paid 25% of whatever that amount is, immediately after the money from the hosting company has cleared.

Example 1: InMotion Hosting pays $120 per sale for sales volumes between 21 and 30 sales per month. The sales agent will be paid $30 immediately after the commission from the hosting company clears, converted into pounds sterling at the prevailing exchange rate (about £23). InMotion’s commission page (as at 14 November 2018) states that, for sales in any given month, payment will be made on the 20 th of the second month after the sale. So, for sales made at any time in January, payment will be made on the 20 th of March following.

InMotion Hosting Commission Scale

1 – 10 sales per month $50 per sale

11 – 20 sales per month $80 per sale

21 – 30 sales per month $120 per sale

31 + sales per month $ Not published


Example 2: Bluehost pays $65 per sale flat rate. The sales agent will be paid $16.25 immediately after the commission from the hosting company clears, converted into pounds sterling at the prevailing exchange rate (about £12.50). Bluehost says that payment will be made “approximately 45 to 60 days after the end of the month or other period in which they accrue”.


Expected Sales Agent Earnings

For every sale made, including the basic website, optional extras and hosting, sales agents should expect to get an average commission of about £100. Some customers may opt for only the basic website, and some customers will either already have hosting or will choose to host with a service not recommended here. The lowest amount an agent will be paid on a sale, therefore will be £74.25.

On the other hand, it should be expected that some customers will opt for multiple main content pages and other addons like a blog and a forum, together with a complete ecommerce package and the better of the hosting options. In cases like this the cost to the customer could be £800 or more, and the agent's commission will correspondingly be £200 or more. Commissions from individual sales of £150 and over should not be unusual.


Target Sales Rates and Methodology

From the type of lead sources, and considering the quality of the product (the website), the nature of the offer and the method of qualifying the leads, a ratio of 20:1 should be a conservative estimate (i.e. expect a better conversion rate than that). Sales Agents should aim to make 7 to 10 sales per week. Experienced agents should expect to make more.

Everyone will have their own way of working. But it is recommended that, whatever the source of the lead, contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses be entered into a spreadsheet. In this way the numbers and email addresses can be copied and pasted into the virtual Voip-enabled phone and the email client. The spreadsheet can then be used to further monitor the progress of each lead to its conclusion either to a sale or NFA (no further action). Sales agents are expected to keep accurate paperwork, and to invoice for all sales made at the end of each month.








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